Alberto Figueroa, MA, NCC, LPC

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Alberto Figueroa MA, NCC, LPC

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Mental Health Professional; Family Therapist; Drug & Alcohol Counselor; Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialist


Alberto E. Figueroa is a Bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor currently practicing at FamiliCare Counseling Services and Berks Hypnosis & Counseling Services. He provides therapeutic care for mental health, drug & alcohol, marriage and family and other related issues. He has dedicated nearly 10 years to helping people of all ages overcome their life challenges with compassion, professional guidance, and caring support. Alberto gently guides individuals through the process of change by working to enhance mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual aspects of a person’s life.


Alberto received his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lebanon Valley College. He then received his Masters of Arts degree in Community Counseling from Alvernia University. He successfully fulfilled the requirement for his Professional Counselor’s License (LPC) and a National Counselors Certification (NCC) in Pennsylvania. Alberto received a diploma from Philadelphia Child and Family Training Center after successful completion of 4 years of intensive training in Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT). Additionally, he has done extensive work with person’s conflicted with substance dependence and/or abuse disorders for nearly 20 years.

Alberto has trained with leading experts in his field. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association and the Pennsylvania Association of Child and Adolescent Counseling Specialists. He has close associations with a number of 12 step fellowships and maintains extensive social service relationships in Berks, Lehigh & North Hampton County.

Alberto’s ceaseless passion for his work first arose from his own personal recovery journey through a twelve year battle with substance dependence. The hard work his recovery requires is continually fueled by his determination to triumph over mind and mood altering chemicals. Post-recovery, he opted to complete his education and join a skilled and compassionate team of professionals who bear not only impressive credentials but also their own personal victories over life’s challenges.

Today, Alberto comes to life in the lives of persons in distress seeking recovery from mental health, substance dependence and other related concerns.

Alberto’s specialty areas include Marriage and Family conflicts; Substance Related D/O; Anxiety D/O, Co-occurring D/O; Mood D/O; Adjustment D/O; Attention Deficit D/O; Oppositional Defiance D/O; Intermittent Explosive D/O; Problem Solving; Crisis & Anger Management; and Conflict Resolution Skill Building. Additionally, he is an Intervention Specialist & Consultant for substance related concerns.