Jennifer Toplak-Kopp, CBNT, LPC

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Guided Imagery and Music  and Supportive  Music Imagery -“Holistic Therapy for a Better You”

Board certified Music Therapist, and LPC, for 17 years  is offering  an opportunity to experience a music-centered technique for well-being and healing.


Guided Imagery and Music , (GIM), is a non-evasive, holistic therapy method which offers an alternative to traditional talk therapy. It promotes self-awareness, insight and healing and helps you identify inner strengths you never knew you had. These inner resources can help you overcome your depression, trauma and  anxiety and in some case physical ailments that have been  hindering your health and well-being.


GIM can bring you closer in touch with your true Self, by helping you find direction in your life’s path and assist you in making better decisions in both your personal and professional goals.


Classical music is used to evoke symbolic images which help you interpret personal issues  you face daily, examine dreams, and develop the potential for behavioral change and ability to use problems solving skills effectively. The therapy invites you to be an active participant in your own healing and can work in conjunction with traditional counseling. All sessions are confidential and move at your own pace.


Supportive Music Imagery offers enhancement to personal growth by  introducing the functions of Imagery in Music Psychotherapy.  It entails acknowledgment of inner resources used to develop self-esteem, awareness of  positive thinking that can  help you get back on track with your life’s goals. It used Mandala drawing as a universal symbol to represent your inner process and sources of strength.


To find out more about Guided Imagery and Music and how it can help you, please contact me.